ALways wanted to have your own grid but didn't have the time or the Technical Abilities to set it all up and go online?

DS4O Is your answer with this starter Full Grid. For a low price per month here is what you get in this package

Full Grid Package

1. Web Server Front End
2. Mysql Database
3. Robust Server
4. Money Server

5. ViVox Inworld Voice
6. One Region Per Simulator
    (up to 32 regions)
7. Default Avatars

 9. Hyper Grid Enabled
10. User Account Edit From Website
11. Complete Server Setup
12. In World Music

This Package Is based on a Managed Dedicated Server with DNS pointed from your domain name
Includes daily Database Backups, Region.ini Backups, 24/7 Support
All for the increadible price of Just $199.00 (USD) per month!
Pay Each Month

      Auto Pay Monthly