Q: I would like a MiniGrid but I only need 10 regions, will I get a discount?
A: MiniGrid is a package consisting of 1-16 Regions. You can add 6 more regions at no extra cost.

Q: We are a Not for Profit Organization. Can we be hosted for free or reduced cost?
A: NFP (Not for Profit) Grids are available on a first come first serve basis. Your NFP Organization
must be registered and licensed in the USA. Please use our support contact for individual consideration.

Q: I want my grid based in Europe because that is where most of my residents live is that possible?
A: We currently have Dedicated Servers located in Europe.

Q: I do not have a PayPal account, and none of the credit cards listed work for me?
A: We are currently working with other banking systems for one time and recurring payments. Please use our support contact for individual consideration.

Q: I live in Japan and if I have a problem will I get voice support even if your time is 3:00AM?
A: The time of day is not an issue, however international phone rates are costly, email is your best form of communication for immediate resolution to a support issue. You are also welcome to initiate a voice or text call through Skype at the number provided with your account.